Shake Bar & Restaurant

Production, photography and post-production

The Project

Shake bar is a new venue in Shanghai. When they were planning their opening party they needed some photography for their promotion materials as well as a poster. Being a live-venue for Soul music in Shanghai, it was important to communicate movement in our photos.

It was a wonderful opportunity for the whole crew to let their hair down and let loose on the dance floor. With even our Art Director (Momo) hoping on set to play the drums.

The Challenges

Capturing and freezing movement in low light situations is not easy, and so it requires special equipment. In this case with the help of the model, and of the stylist that brought a wardrobe that gave us more movement, we felt that freezing the it mid-air would make for a strong impact. With studio sport lighting, we were able to achieve this.

Work like this heavily relies on the team working well together. With a talented stylist that can source and provide the right wardrobe, the model that understands what we are trying to achieve and the support of the art director and client are all key to a successful image.

The end result...

…a satisfied crew, client and from what we’ve been reading in the reviews, lots of satisfied customers as well! Congratulations on the new place!

Technical details

Client: Volvo CE

Services: Production, photography and post-production

Gear: DSLR cameras, fuel generators and professional on-location lighting kit