Our Mission

As a boutique studio we truly believe in delivering high quality Still & Motion imagery. And we strive to offer our clients, both large and small, the best service possible.  We just simply believe in listening to our clients and giving them the best possible quality for their budget.


We are there to seize that perfect moment, capture it with our cameras and store it in our systems so that you can benefit from it. For this we have an armada of high-end cameras and lighting, and a studio full of equipment - our "toys."

Bring on the show

Putting on a production is rarely a simple task.  There are a lot of little pieces to the "puzzle" which all need to come together on the day of the "show", and if one doesn't work out, it can mean failure. But we enjoy the challenge and love to put on a successful show for you!

After the show

Photography and video speak loudly for themselves, and they do it well, but we all need a little "grooming" before stepping out the door...  We give our images and films a good scrub so they can shine best for the outside world.

So who are we?

KORE STUDIOS was started by two guys who just wanted to create the best imagery possible while providing an easy, open-minded, and talented service.  In a short space of time, we have been very well received, offering a level of talent & service not easily found in Shanghai, much less China.

Early on, KORE STUDIOS recognized the enormous potential of offering Photography, Video, and 3D CGI all under one roof.  It’s an exciting combination of disciplines which truly opens the door to anything that our clients may dream up!

Today, between ourselves & our creative network, we are a diverse, multi-lingual group that can manage the creative process for your project from Conception to Production to Execution to Post-Production.

The two founding partners have over 35 years experience actively creating imagery in the industry.  They designed and created a boutique studio in the heart of Shanghai ready to serve clients who are looking for dedicated imagemakers.

Philippe Roy, with over 20 years experience in photography, focuses on the company’s project specific productions and photographs commercial, advertising, lifestyle and still-life.

John Foster, with over 17 years experience in imagemaking including 3D modeling and rendering, handles most of our post-production & CGI and photographs architecture and products.

Contact us!

Don’t be shy! We’d love to hear about your new projects and make it into reality.