Finding the right home is not always easy. And now we know it and understand that even more than before. After searching high and low for a year we have found our new home, our new studio space.

The decision was not easy. We were faced with a big choice: be centrally located with a smaller space or have a larger space but be further away from the city center? We chose the first, finding a perfect balance of both with a space located just south of the French Concession in Xuhui district.

After a lot of creative design sessions John and I were able to finally come up with a layout that includes:

  • a 4m wide cove for shooting
  • a 300kg custom door
  • a nice feature wall
  • a whole wall of storage for all of our gear + a back storage area for client products
  • a “chill” area for us and clients (55inch TV, couches and coffee table)
  • a make-up room
  • and two work desks for daily operations

A tall order for the space, but it works quite well for us.