Porsche After Sales Services

Production, photography, CGI and post-production

The Project

When approached to see if we were interested in producing imagery with a race car and sports car as subjects, how do you think we answered? “Hell YES!!!!”

We always love working with Porsche, yet this project was really exciting for us as it would demand a broad range of talent along with high-level execution. The final imagery would be a meld of both 2D photography and 3D imagination, and it really got our creative & problem-solving juices flowing!

The concept behind the artwork was that after-sales customers can expect the same level of quality and dedication for its sports cars that the LeMans 919 Pit Crew gives its race cars. We “only” needed to create two visuals; sounds easy, right?

The Challenges

We absolutely love a challenge, let me say that first. Problem solving is something that we geek-out on, no doubt about it. Beyond the complexity of artfully combining 2D and 3D imagery in a pleasing way, this project had other challenges for us in terms of space planning, lighting, logistics, access to vehicles and “studio”, etc.. not to mention the all-important task of staying within budget!

So first, some details: We had access to a real-life Macan GTS sports car and LeMans 919 race car, but these needed to remain on-site at the Porsche Service Center for obvious reasons. Which meant we needed to create a “studio” on location. In the final artwork, the background imagery of the garage was to all be modeled in 3D and rendered. So careful attention to lighting in both environments needed to happen. Also, we were required to use an already-existing image of the Macan GTS, provided by Porsche, so this locked us into an existing camera angle, lens, etc.. Yet, we still needed a real-life reflection of the Macan GTS, as the provided image did not have one… Still with me here?

We were very graciously given space in the parking garage at the Porsche Service Center. After some space-planning in our CAD software, we determined our shooting location and had already-parked cars moved to open the space. Next, we sourced large polished metal panels and installed them to provide the floor reflections we needed. It ended up being nearly 2 tons of metal!!!

The on-location “studio” was then setup, and shooting started. Thanks to the professionalism of the models and crew, we were able to finish all shots right on schedule. We especially want to thank the models who had to wear the Pit Crew outfits as we know they were hot as hell, especially without any air conditioning in the parking area!!!

All the technical and logistical challenges aside, we want to extend a big thanks to the creative team at Palmer Hargreaves; it was a real pleasure to work with you and thanks for making the process so smooth and enjoyable!

The end result...

…is strong imagery showcasing Porsche branding and quality; developed in their race cars and passed on to their sports cars.

Technical details

Client: Porsche China / After Sales Services

Agency / Art Direction: Palmer Hargreaves

Services: Production, photography, CGI and post-production

Gear: Digital medium format cameras, on-location studio build and professional on-location lighting kit.