Production, photography, post-production, graphic design and proofing

The Project

Serviceplan/Aquarius tasked us with creating 5 final posters with some of Metro’s Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). One of the Key Visuals required us spending 5 hours in a meat freezer… it sounded like the best thing we could ever possibly do on a hot Shanghai summer day, so we accepted the job!

To create the four portraits of the KOLs at work we had to travel to their working places, in this case their restaurants, or figure them inside of Metro selecting their produce.

The Challenges

One of the 5 images required all the KOLs to be together for a group portrait, but because of distance, logistics and schedules we could not manage to get all four together in the same place for the shooting. So they were shot individually at their locations and composed into the Metro Store background with PhotoShop.

Another challenge was shooting some of the KOLs in their locations, namely in a full and busy kitchen. We were given a 2-hour window between the lunch and dinner service to come in, set-up, shoot and pack-up (not to mention leave enough time for the video crew to complete their task as well!). A very tight window to say the least!!

The end result...

…we provided Metro with 5 posters of the their KOLs in action, with a natural vibe as they had asked us in the briefing. Through the challenges, we found solutions and delivered a product we can all be proud of.

Technical details

Client: METRO

Art Direction and Concept: Serviceplan / Aquarius

Services: Production, photography, post-production, graphic design and proofing

Gear: DSLR cameras, fuel generators and professional on-location lighting kit