Tainan travel story for ELLE Deco

Photography and post-production

The Project

Though we have been cooperating with ELLE Deco for over a year at this point, this was our first travel story with them. ELLE needed us for a week to travel with them, photographing a wide range of things, from interiors to portraits, and food, not to mention impromptu street photography.

The Challenges

The biggest challenge in a way was technical. What is the best kit that allows us to remain professional, yet to be light enough to jump from location to location, often hitting 10 spots during the long 14-hour long days.

The end result...

…we have since been called back several times by ELLE to cover these travel stories, becoming one of their local travel hospitality experts.

Technical details

Client: ELLE Deco China

Services: Photography and post-production

Gear: 2 DSLR bodies, tripod and an iPad to shoot tethered. Everything to be light, quick and efficient.