Estrella beer bottle - Internal test

Production, photography, CGI and post-production

The Project

We are fans of both great beer and Friday, and so pairing them together for some “serious” internal testing seemed to be a no-brainer!  After a long, studied, and careful session of taste-testing, we settled on Estrella Galicia as our beer of choice for this test.  The concept was to use both photography and CGI to create compelling imagery for this brand.

The Challenges

Photographically, both styling and lighting the bottle were very challenging. The seemingly random and carefully placed drops on the exterior of the bottle were painstaking created by hand. And lighting the bottle with both sexy outside highlights and a warm inside glow to bring out the color of the beer was extremely challenging – all of which we love.

Post-production wise, the 3D model liquid swirl of beer surrounding the bottle was finetuned to fit, and was then rendered with lighting and motion set to enhance the already-great-image of the bottle.

The end result...

…is a playful image designed to inspire thirst for a fantastic brew!

Technical details

Client: KORE STUDIOS – Internal Test

Art Direction: KORE STUDIOS

Services: Photography, CGI and post-production

Gear: Arca Swiss technical camera, DSLR back, medium format lens, and professional studio lighting.