3D Studio Services

Kore Studios is a Shanghai based 3D studio. We are specialized in giving our clients the best commercial and advertising CGI models there is in China. We work especially with furniture companies, and are a Wayfair approved supplier, in creating realistic furniture models and putting them into virtual 3D scenes. We can of course also move our photography team to the factory and photograph the furniture on-location, to insert it into a CGI environment afterwards.

Our international team has been trusted by some of the top 500 companies from around the world, with names that include Porsche, Philips, LEGO, Speedo, Adidas, Disney, ELLE,… as well as working with advertising agencies directly, like Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, DDB, and a number of smaller boutique ad agencies.

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Our photo studio in China is centrally located. We can use it for a number of shooting scenarios from portrait sessions, to still-life, or from e-commerce to small room-sets. For larger projects requiring a very large studio, our China photography studio has a well-established network that we can reach out to. It makes us flexible for any assignment you can throw at us.

The photographer and production community is tight knit and over the years we have created trusted bonds with a number of our suppliers that we come to rely upon for our projects. Being able to expand from a single China based photographer to a full team of 60 different people on set, going from actors to grips and lighting technicians.

John, Kore Studio’s post-production partner, manages our 3D studio and puts the final touches on most projects incorporating photoshop, 3d modeling & rendering, CGI, and 360 imaging techniques.  His training has come from other photo and architecture studios.  He also enjoys photographing architecture & products, as well as tinkering & designing custom photography equipment.

Philippe, is based in China, and is the advertising photographer partner at Kore Studios. One of his main goals with Kore Studios was to create an advertising photo studio of high caliber. He is trained as a photojournalist but migrated into advertising, lifestyle, still-life and corporate photography. In his spare time, he is a China fashion photographer doing a range of model portrait assignments and haircare and skincare beauty campaigns.