Williams | Partners Architects

3D Architectural Renderings

The Project

Williams | Partners Architects is located in the idyllic mountain ski resort of Sun Valley, Idaho.  They have come to us on several occasions to bring their projects to life, from a two-dimensional sketch or drawing into a 3D environment, which their clients may better understand.

We use drawings of both house and landscape to create 3D models which are then computer rendered and matched with real photos of the proposed building site.  Care is taken to maintain correct scale, as neighbors as well as city officials will also view the renderings to evaluate more than just design aesthetics.  Impacts to view corridors, etc.. are also important.

The Challenges

Though projects may vary, it is generally aesthetically important that the renderings exhibit an indication of non-photorealism.  The architecture should remain the prime focus and obvious subject matter in the rendering.  Other details, such as landscaping or material color palette, are to remain secondary.  In many instances we try to provide a “soft” color palette and “sketch” effect to help indicate illustration over photo-realism.

The end result...

…clients are thrilled to see the shape and semblance of their future abode through our imagery.  Rendering the project brings it to life, in many respects, and makes it that much more tangible and exciting to the clients of Williams | Partners Architects.