Shanghai lane house for ELLE Deco

Photography and post-production

The Project

We had the pleasure to work on a feature storty with ELLE Deco photographing an charming Lane House here in Shanghai whose interior had been renovated by its inhabitants: German Roig who is an Architect and Partner at AIM, a boutique design studio headquartered in Shanghai.

The Challenges

As is typical with Lane Houses here in Shanghai, space is tight and stairs are (very!) vertical.  Between the amount of equipment needed and the number of people on-set, we had a hard time not sitting on top of one another!  German and his lovely wife were gracious and forgiving hosts, and the Team from ELLE Deco were great.

The end result...

…is a series of images describing a renovation in which simplicity and warmth were attained.

Technical details

Client: ELLE Deco – China

Services: Photography and post-production

Gear: Arca Swiss architectural technical camera, medium format lenses & digital back, DSLR, and professional on-location lighting kit.